Marci Possner

After graduating in 2006, Marci moved to Maryland and spent 7 years working for GMV Space Systems, a small company focused on providing ground system software for satellites. She started off in a technical role, but quickly ascended to the role of project manager. One of the most interesting projects on which she worked was the flight dynamics ground software for the GOES-R series of satellites, which are the next generation of weather satellites operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). From GMV, she then transitioned in 2012 to a.i. solutions, a NASA subcontractor, where she continues to work today. She has had the opportunity to contribute to many different projects, in both technical and management roles. Some of her highlights over the past 8 years include performing systems engineering for the Roman Space Telescope Flight Dynamics Ground System and managing a team of engineers responsible for maintaining software for the NASA Earth Orbiting System.

The FXB Fellowship and education that she received at Michigan positioned her well for a career in the space industry, where she has had the opportunity to contribute to missions that expand our understanding of the Earth and beyond.