Behdad Davoudi

Behdad is currently a PhD candidate at the Aerospace Engineering Department where he has been honored to be recognized as an FXB Fellow. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and two MS degrees in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. He has been a contributor to two major projects at the University of Michigan a) NASA's Safe Autonomous Systems Operations program, and b) NSF-Industry consortium on Small Unmanned Air Vehicles: Modeling of aircraft aeromechanics, detailed and reduced order modeling of the wind field and the development of control systems for fixed wing and quad-copter UAVs. Also, he has conducted autonomous flight experiments and utilized his physics-based modeling for guidance and autonomous operation of UAVs. He has published three significant papers, and he is currently working on an additional two - thanks to his FXB Fellowship to support his research.

The FXB fellowship award has enabled him to better focus and conduct his research in an open source environment. Also, it has supported his attendance at Aviation conferences each year to share ideas and learn from other colleagues. He believes that his work ethic along with exceptional advice from his advisor and also collaboration with other faculty members and graduate students has enabled him to successfully fulfill his PhD work thus far. The impact of FXB fellowship and being recognized as an FXB Fellow in his personal and professional life is beyond just his graduate studies period and is certainly going to last a lifetime.